HinsonGayle AAA Handpicked Multicolor Black Round Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

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A perfect kaleidoscope of color, these handpicked Ultra-Iridescent multicolored black pearls were color treated to create richly toned, color fast surfaces. Select either the smaller 6.5 mm pearls on a 16-inch necklace or the standard sized 7.5mm pearls on an 18-inch necklace.The premium freshwater pearls are treasured for their smooth surfaces, near round shapes and naturally high luster. Handpicked for their rare surface orient characteristics, the colorful iridescence of these pearls adds to the depth and complexity of the piece. We purposefully selected an eclectic assortment of overtones to mix around the strand including purple, blue-green, cranberry and copper (although commonly referred to as black pearls due to their dark colors, real cultured pearls are never jet black). Their colorful iridescence allows the pearls to effortlessly complement many colors in the wardrobe, as the natural luster of these pearls will capture the light and reflect the various hues depending on lighting and what they are worn with. Our premium freshwater pearls are 100% solid nacre pearls and do not have a shell bead inside them. Their near round shapes are formed naturally in the shell. The pearls are individually hand knotted by our skilled artisan on fine Japanese thread and finished with a premium handpolished 925 sterling silver double-safety ball clasp. Make it a set with one of our black pearl bracelets in sterling silver (6.5 mm design FB2BL065-S70 or 7.5 mm design FB2BL075-S75) or a pair of our black pearl stud earrings.

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HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry


HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry


HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry

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HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry


HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry


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